Relapse: Round Three

Jason is relapsing. It’s not severe, yet. But it’s happening.

His leg is going numb. He’s having night sweats, albeit milder ones. His hands are mottled… white dots amid red splotches. He isn’t having the brain fog, fatigue issues, or pain–he does not have bell’s palsy.

It’s mild. So far.

We’re doing something differently this time.

He’s quitting his stressful job. He put in notice this week.

Three weeks until he can fully walk away from this place. Seventy hour work weeks, constant calls, not being able to eat or drink or run to the restroom or take a walk or end on time or BREATHE… done.

No more.

Hopefully we can fight our way back from this illness again. We are lucky in that we are in a place where he can work on his health for the time being. I’m sure financial stress will be tough, but… at least he’ll be able to rest.

This never gets any easier.

I am just as terrified as I was at this time last year.

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