Lyme & Babesiosis Relapse: A Month and a Half of Treatment

A few friends reached out to me with some concern after I posted this comic on social media:

May be an image of text

I had intended to just gently let some dear friends know that they are always welcome to reach out if they want. However, people were concerned.

So, how are we currently?

We are generally fine.

Sort of. 🙂

Jason started feeling better within thirty-six hours of taking his first round of antibiotics, way back at the end of July; he was not amazing, not perfect, not healthy, but his symptoms eased quite a bit. His muscles were no longer twitching or fighting each other, his limp had eased up, his numbness in his face and right side of his body had abated, among other things.

He miraculously, consistently got better during that first round of clindamycin and quinine.

Unfortunately, babesiosis is a bastard of an illness and tends to mutate, says Jason’s doctor. It’s a master of deception, in theory morphing from an active phase to a cystic one and back again–hence the constantly changing antibiotics.

Well, we are on round four of rotating antibiotics; unfortunately, Jason’s symptoms returned with a vengeance this last weekend. They are not as severe as when we decided to visit his specialist, but he is not doing so hot; he says that it feels like electricity is running up and down his limbs at all times, his night sweats are back, he is limping due to numbness and being unable to trust his leg, that sort of stuff.

I suspect this round of antibiotics has basically stopped “working” due to the illness re-emerging from its cyst form into the active phase, but I’m not a doctor and can’t know for sure. My hope is that this current set of antibiotics is destroying the cysts so that each rotation leaves him stronger and better. In the meantime, he also has the support of B-12 shots, thyroid meds (like me!) and testosterone pills to make up for the fact that his pituitary glad just isn’t doing its job.

We are taking it a day at a time.

So, today, we will be switching from his current drug pair (I forget what they are) to Mepron and Zithromax — these are new antibiotics for Jason, which is both exciting and scary. In recent years, these two antibiotics have emerged as a solid treatment for babesiosis, but without the nasty gastrointestinal side-effects of clindamycin and quinine pairing.

Fingers crossed we see even more improvement even faster.

Personally, I’m a touch exhausted, but trying hard to stay positive because what Jason is going through is so much harder. I only have to watch him fight this illness; I do my best to care for him, our animals, and our home as well in the meantime, but he’s doing the hard work of recovering.

So, that’s the update. Some good, some hard. We are managing, but very little of it is easy because every day is new and unexpected. It makes it difficult to plan, but we’re trying anyway.

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