Well, we had a bit of a regression this week.

Jason’s medicine (mepron) didn’t make it into the pharmacy until Monday, and we needed it Friday. Monday rolled around, and some of Jason’s symptoms were back; he had numbness in his hands and face, a touch of a limp, pain generally everywhere, and the mottling in his palms that accompanies it. It’s an odd symptom, that skin mottling… it almost looks like a heat rash on the days when it appears.

It’s less severe, but it’s shocking how quickly his symptoms come back if treatment is stopped.

What’s Next

We’re going to give this round of medicine another month, then likely switch to the next round of antibiotics. Jason hasn’t quite “plateaued” yet, meaning he is still steadily getting better (provided he takes it), but he’s starting to feel it level off, to stop feeling the gains quite so quickly.

He also has stopped taking his thyroid medication — he’s claiming it doesn’t seem to be making a difference in his energy levels, which are still low. We will see what the bloodwork shows next week, but the outer third of his eyebrows do seem to be growing in better, which suggests that perhaps his pituitary gland is firing again.

It’s weird how tiny things like dry skin on your face or feet or thinning eyebrows (but only the outer third!) can reveal how well your endocrine system is working. And yet, here we are!

As for me…

I’m working to give myself a little more grace this week. Things had been going far, far better for us, which has been amazing–Jason is the most incredible partner anyone could ever ask for.

His job is incredibly involved, and there’s no talking him into taking a sick day or so (I’ve tried until I’m blue in the face) — partially because if he takes a sick day, he has to work doubly or triply hard the next to keep his company chugging along.

So, I’ll just keep my head up and keep taking care of our home!

Backdated for Posterity, since I didn’t quite finish this post.

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